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History of Development Of our Universal e-Teacher or 'Dynamind'

1988 :- The starting point

Atul Nigam is the Founder and Principal Architect of i2k Solutions. He graduated from IIT Kanpur in the year 1988. During his stay at IIT Kanpur, Atul decided to start a software company. However he was not having capital. Hence to generate capital he started coaching for IIT JEE aspirants. Thus accidentally, in 1988, he became the first IITian to start IIT JEE coaching in the country.
Atul's style of coaching was unique as he taught only 10 students in a batch. The small number of students in a group allowed him to work on strength and weaknesses of each student and tutor them individually. This methodology created phenomenal results. Students termed 'average' or 'below average' succeeded in IIT JEE.

1988 - 1992 :- Lessons Learnt

1. All Humans capable of excellence provided one-to-one mentoring and individualized tuition given.

2. Each person has a different speed of learning and therefore each student has to be handled differently based on his or her needs.

3. Realization that traditional method of teaching cannot impart high quality personalized training to large number of learners.

4. Shortage of good teachers in Schools, Colleges and even Corporate Training.

1992 - 1996 :- Years of Introspection

Atul realized that technology has to be used to provide scalable, low-cost, high quality learning experience. During 1992-1996 Atul experimented with many constructs.

1996 - 2000 :- Formative Years

Atul narrowed down to a software concept which involved use of Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Neural Network. By 1999 Atul was ready with prototype of a platform for One-to-One training, which is called Dynamind today. To pursue his dream Atul migrated to Mumbai in year 2000.

2000 - 2005 :- Consolidation Years

Atul continued his R&D with Dynamind platform. Algorithms of Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Neural Network were refined to enhance One-to-One mentoring, collective intelligence and other required traits for creation of dedicated teacher for each learner.

In 2001 Atul traveled to Top Universities in the world such as MIT, Stanford, Wharton, Harvard, Penn, Columbia and San Jose, to determine the extent of technological development in delivery of education. Atul realized that top notch brains were working on technologies to distribute and administer content better. However no one was found to be working on creating scalable solution for One-to-One training. All universities though were keen to see working solution for One-to-One training. Prototype of Dynamind was highly appreciated.

2005 onwards

Dynamind was put on Beta-trials during 2005-July 2007. Results were successful. Many customers experienced fruits of scalable One-to-One training with Dynamind. Names of customers and partners are mentioned on our site.
August 2007 onwards went into a full scale commercial mode for expanding operations within India and outside.
On 15th August 2007, Krishan Khanna, IIT-Kgp., a technocrat with 44 years experience, joined as Chairman of i2k Solutions.
October 2007, Seoul, S. Korea - At the Global HR Forum attended by nearly 1000 experts in education and HR development (www.ghrforum.org) we were informed by leading experts from the UN, World Bank and OECD that an e-Teacher (with capabilities of Dynamind) would be developed in the next 20 to 25 years.
November 2007, APEC Centre for e-Learning Initiatives, Pusan, S. Korea. Invited us for presentation of our 'Dynamind'. Our Team received a standing ovation from 150 delegates of 13 countries. They also confirmed that as per their knowledge and information there was no such Universal e-Teacher available elsewhere.


"Nobel Laureate Prof. Prof. Muhammad Yunus with Atul Nigam, CEO i2K Solutions"

i2K CEO,
Mr. Atul Nigam seen with some important speakers

i2K invited by Asia Pacific Economic Corporation (APEC) to showcase eTeacher

i2K demonstrates globally unique eTeacher to 21 APEC countries

Agreement being signed by Atul Nigam, CEO i2K Solutions and Young Hwan Kim,Ph.D. President of Institute of APEC* Collaborative Education



eTeacher platform is designed to diagnose weaknesses and suggest remedial steps for each learner or a trainee. It provides adaptive learning experience that is customized as per each user's needs.
eTeacher is developed on unique bio-inspired computing paradigm. Its core architecture resembles the way information is processed in human brain. It uses patented algorithms developed using Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Neural Networking to provide highly personalized and customized learning experience to each and every user.


It is set of crawlers designed to feed users with relevant information from the Internet. ZenMaster, therefore, avoids meaningless surfing on the Internet and saves time for each user.


ZenStar utility manages collective learning. It helps one user learn from experience of others.

features of 'Dynamind'

Some Advantages
1. Low Cost
2. High Quality
3. One-to-one mentoring
4. Scalable
5. Collective Intelligence
6. Adult & Life Long Learning initiatives
7. Plus all the other advantages of e-learning
8. Can handle any type of e-learning content, corporate training, University, College or School syllabus(class 8th and above is recommended)
9. Uses the Internet as a Resource Library
10. Is compatible with any world language
11. Can handle any e-Learning content on any software platform

Some Application
1. Banking
2. Insurance
3. Retail
4. Foreign Trade
5. Financial Services
7. IT & IETS etc....
8. Corporate Training
9. Vocational Education for Skills Building
10. Any e-Content for College or University syllabus
11. Any e-Content for Higher Secondary and Medical Schools where imparting Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology is always a tough call.
12. The above is only a partial list!

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